The language laboratory as enhance for linguistic immersion

The commitment to advance in learning English has been acquired, but it requires work and perseverance. This is the just beginning.

You know that the best way to learn a language is the linguistic immersion, it is to say to get immersed and involved in the language. Results are improved if this immersion is reinforced with the presence of a language laboratory. In “Bilingüismo y Tecnología”, we explain in detail this synergy.

What a language laboratory offers

In order to speak English in a very good way you have to study it intensely and with perseverance. This task is not easy, therefore motivation is really important. A language laboratory grants more efficiency than the traditional way of teaching, so it grants more results and more motivation for the students. Group oral activities combined with multimedia resources increases the participation of students and reinforces the practical part, as fundamental pillar. The theory is important, but practice permits to increase the knowledge.

A language laboratory integrates a lot of different activities through the transmission of multimedia material and any software to learn English. It means that the learning process can be carried out thanks to uncountable types of didactic material, those supported by the technologyand keeping their high quality.

How can you permit students to be immersed, involved and to enter into the “English bubble”? These could be some of the keys:

  • Try to let them think in another language, ask them to practise writing an e-mail, listening to the music or to the radio.
  • Having motivated classmates is also an important element, having someone who to speak to, permits them to check their progresses. As soon as they will be able to have a short conversation with someone else they will be even more motivated.
  • Motivate them to use the new language, English, in a creative way: learning by having fun is a very good idea. Compose a song, write a story…
  • Convince them not to feel embarrassed. They have to risk and not to be afraid to do mistakes. They won’t speak English without facing awkward situations: they don’t have to hesitate to speak with a native speaker, to order food, or to make jokes…

Linguistic immersion facilitates the bilingualism

The purpose is to develop the 4 basic communication skills in the most natural way: the oral comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. In Bilingüismo y Tecnología”, we propose the language laboratory as enhance for linguistic immersion, in order to take full advantage of our capabilities and to achieve the bilingualism.

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  1. Emérita Diana Torres Vásquez. says:

    Una motivación tanto para los aprendices como para os docentes sus alcances. Por supuesto que el uso de las cuatro o más habilidades que uno debería poner en el dominio de una lengua extranjera son importantes y el uso de un laboratorio mucha más beneficiosos todavía. Gracias!!

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