The Importance of Language Laboratories and the bilingualism as methods of teaching

When you are learning languages, the best thing is the language immersion. It is to say, to feel obliged to speak a second language in a country where it’s usually spoken.

Unfortunately these programs of language exchange are not accessible to all the institutions. For this reason, in “Bilingúismo y Tecnología” we dedicate to design educational environments which correspond faithfully to the language immersion.

The language laboratory is really the perfect tool which permits to connect the bilingual teaching to the new technologies, the learning processes of children to the teaching methodologies. Practically, the language laboratory is the best support to reach this immersion.

Why is the language laboratory the best tool to learn a second language, such as English, for example?

Alumno de idiomas

Students learning languages

It’s true that throughout the history of school many different teaching methodologies have been used, but nowadays everybody tends to approach the learning processes to the characteristics and needs of the children.

Students, instead of being active, are used to act as passive receivers of information. This grave mistake should be corrected when teaching languages, being responsibility of the teacher to teach and motivate students. This gap between the low motivation of students and the high motivation of teachers doesn’t have to do only with languages and could be reduced by implementing language laboratories in the classrooms, where the whole teaching/learning process is dynamic and entertaining.

Thanks to our experience as leaders in teaching methodologies and language laboratories to learn a second or a third language, we realized that those students who used one of our language laboratories could consolidate their learning for the entire life. We have been capable to develop and take advantage of the four language skills any student should learn to be successful: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

In Roycan, Language Laboratories, we trust the tools we offer you to teach having at your disposal the best quality. Don’t hesitate to visit our webpage in order to get additional information and to know what product could implement your language laboratory.

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